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International Women’s Day Week at UCL

What are the most important issues facing women in today's world? More...

Warning over false claims for "designer vagina" surgery

Professor Sarah Creighton (Consultant Gynaecologist, UCLH/IfWH Reproductive Health) has warned that girls and young women are being lured into having damaging “designer vagina” surgery by advertising which falsely claims it will improve their sex lives. .... read the article in the London Evening Standard (7 Jan 2015).  

Fertility 2015

Fertility 2015 was held in Birmingham on 7-9 January.  This is a joint meeting between the British Fertility Society, Association of Clinical Embryologist and the Society for Reproduction and Fertility.  Joyce Harper is a member of the British Fertility Society Executive and chaired a session at the meeting.  Many of our alumni presented oral and poster presentations.  Dagan Wells (PhD student) gave three talks on PGD by karyomapping and PGS, Elpida Fragouli (MSc and PhD student) gave a talk on mitochondrial DNA in predicting implantation potential, Amy Barrie (MSc student) talked on time lapse algorithms and Natalie Getreu talked on freezing ovarian tissue.  Posters were presented by Dagan on mass spectrometry of blastocoels, Elpida on cytogenetic analysis of blastocysts, Amy on EmbryoGlue, Anastasia Mania (MSc student) on estrogen levels and the outcome of FET cycles, Lucy Papaioannou (MSc student) on an algorithm for time lapse.

Lunch Hour Lecture - Anna David

The failure of a baby to grow normally in the womb is a common pregnancy complication.  Read more

UCLH Early Fetal Echocardiography Course

Early Fetal Echocardiography is a course about the future of ultrasound and fetal medicine. Led by an expert multidisciplinary faculty, we would like to demonstrate that the future is already here, and that everybody can learn how to detect congenital heart defects at the time of the 11-13 weeks scan. More...

Maternal deaths rates falling

GLOW 2015

Born too soon

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